Friday, April 20, 2012

Happy Birthday/Happy Anniversary

I know I know - I am a horrible blogger.  And if I had any photoshop skills I would photoshop my face onto a milk carton.

But onto the title of this post.

The Happy Birthday is due to this wonderful guy celebrating a birthday.

Loved by the ladies in the house.
The Happy Anniversary is due to this being Month 17 on the wait list.

Some other numbers for you - We are #20 (Boy) and #26 (Girl) on our agency's list.  Referrals are very very few and far between.  I have a feeling we are in for many more anniversaries. 

Expression: Sad Resignation


  1. You mean that isn't your picture on the carton?? :-)

    1. Someone always has to be the comedian.

  2. Poor doggy waiting to see a picture of his brother or sister.

  3. This is all so very hard. It's sometimes downright agonizing. But 20 is a good number. You are so close. And you have ADORABLE dogs to snuggle up to when you are feeling down. I'm there with ya, lady!!! Hoping for some better numbers in a few days!

  4. Your dog has the best expressions ever. Hoping your new numbers put you in the teens already!

  5. Hey you posted this on a very special day for us :) :) :) Happy birthday to your hubs and happy-anniversary-not-too-many-more-to-go from one of your biggest fans!! Lotsa love to ya from here to there...