Monday, September 19, 2011

September Numbers

We got our new numbers this week.

We are

No. 30 for a Boy

No. 41 for a Girl.
 Some movement from last month which is always encouraging. 

But seriously, I can't wait!  

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Sydney in Pictures

Finally - after 3 months - the last post about our vacation!   Sydney, in pictures.
We arrived in Sydney in the evening and went up to the hotel rooftop to see the city.
Sydney Harbour Bridge
Luna Park
Taronga Zoo. Sydney in the background.

6'4" is still not as tall as the average newborn giraffe.
What a life! Lounging around all day, no discernable talent.  It's like she's a Kardashian.

Lou.  She was not amused by Arthur trying to climb her tree.
Arthur aka Bad A**

It's Meerkat Manor meets Jersey Shore.  Soaking up orange rays under the heat lamp.

Bendy Em, Street Performer.  Watch Ladies and Gentlemen as she attempts to fit her whole body in that box.
It was cold in the Blue Mountains which explains the Eskimo and Una*bomber look.

The Three Sisters.
They latch onto you as they eat from your hand.  Very cool.

Mr. Demille, I'm ready for my closeup.

Was the dingo eating the baby?

Tasmanian Devil.  Those teeth are huge!

Whaddya mean you're out of chips?

Stopped at the Chocolate Bar for some needed indulgance.

Did we just eat the whole thing?

Made entirely out of legos.

Sydney Aquarium

I'd rather be texting/

Walking across the Bridge at night.


Goodbye Australia.  Hope to make it back someday.