Sunday, July 24, 2011

G'Day Mate

Days 1-4 of our Australian vacation.  Melbourne and side trips outside the city.

At DIA and on our way to LAX to catch our Qantas flight to Melbourne. 

Gianna, Brittany and Michelle
The flight from LAX to MEL was 16.5 hrs.  That is by far the longest plane ride I have ever been on (previous record 13 hrs to China).  We were on the A380 and that was such a nice plane.  Hundreds of movies, shows, games to keep you occupied.  The seats were comfortable, the restrooms just a bit bigger and the self service snack bar was sweet.  But after 12 hrs we were ready to land.

Once in Melbourne we wandered the city and visited the Aquarium and the Old Melbourne Gaol.

 The next day we went to a chocolate factory, a Koala Conservation Centre and the Penguin Parade at Phillip Island.

Penguin at Phillip Island Visitor Centre.

We could not take pictures at the penguin parade, but it was the cutest thing to see the penguins waddle right past you up the beach as they went to their burrows for the evening.

The next day we took a drive along the Great Ocean Road.  Stopped to feed some birds.

The birds showed their gratitude by attacking us.

We took a walk in the rain forest.

I cannot resist a random dog shot. 

The Twelve Apostles.  The scenery was stunning.

 London Bridge

The girls were very amused by this sign.

Coming up - The Great Barrier Reef!

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Anti Dentite

With apologies to dental professionals everywhere.
Going to the dentist is never a pleasant experience for me.  Granted my routine cleaning today was not exactly this

there is still something icky about having somebody poking around your mouth.

What is the appropriate caption for this picture?

Please Mum, may I eat her?
Jump in my belly!
Puppy. The other white meat.
Get out of there you little heathen. 


Monday, July 18, 2011

Numbers and Dreams

We got our new numbers for July!

On the Girls' List we are

Thank you Betty and John.

And on the Boys' List we are

And since we have received our numbers, we have gone down at least 3 more numbers on the boys' list and one on the girls' list.  How awesome is that!?!

Well the "dream" part of this post is this weekend I had a dream the husband and I were in Africa.  Ethiopia to be exact.  We were shopping and picking out items and just so excited to be there.  We had just arrived and hadn't yet met our little one.  And while gender wasn't mentioned, it just felt that we were there to meet our son.  This isn't the first dream I have had about our child.  Shortly after we started this process - 13 months ago to be exact- I had a dream we adopted a baby boy.  He was in my arms, snuggly, wrapped in a baby blue blanket.  It is amazing how dreams can feel so real and wonderful you don't want to wake up.

Now I know dreams are not prophetic.  I mean if they were boy would I have made out.  Literally!  Several years ago I had a dream these two were sitting on my living room couch.

Jeter was on one end of the couch sulking for some inexplicable reason.  A-Rod was on the other side, smiling and flirting.  And I was the filling in this Yankee sandwich feeling quite like Scarlett O'Hara at the barbecue.  That is until this guy decided to interfere.

Wilson comes up to me, panting in the way only he can, which means he needs to go outside.  NOW.  So I excuse myself and let him out telling him to go potty and hurry.  But the boy decides to take a full service stop so I impatiently close the patio door and return to my guests.  A few minutes later I hear a tapping on the patio glass.  I get up to investigate and Wilson is floating and he is now a vampire dog.  Way to go Wilson!  It was the ol turn into a vampire dog to prevent mum from having fun with the Yankees trick and I fell for it.

Come to think of it, Wilson figures prominently in quite a few of my dreams.  I wonder if he waits until I fall asleep to enter my subconscious Inception style.  I remember another dream I had of the boy and I.  Coming to America at the turn of the century.  We were on the front of a large ship, much like this

Only I think my boy - who I refer to as the Brad Pitt of chocolate labs - is ever more handsome than Mr. Di*Caprio. 

Oh and two words that sum up why I am glad  dreams are NOT prophetic.  Ryan Sea*crest.  That was just weird.  Maybe someday I will explain.  Or not.