Saturday, March 3, 2012

15 Months into the Wait

Just got our new numbers this last week.  After 15 months on the waitlist we are # 22 for a boy and # 30 for a girl (although I have it on good authority that our numbers are actually one lower on each list).

At least there is movement - not just on the list but with the families that are traveling to Ethiopia for court or to bring home their children.  And that is encouraging.

Meanwhile, I am in some sort of hyper nesting mode and I have been spending my weekends ridding our drawers, cabinets and closets of clutter.  I think the hubby is afraid to come home and find that I have "organized" the contents of his past into one 9 x 13 box (good bye old comic books and yearbooks and cleats from 1975).  I did get him to clean out our garage, something that I asked him to do oh back in 2008.  All it took was the purchase of a new car :)  

We are also going to start our home renovation project in about 2-3 weeks when the weather is a bit warmer.  I am so looking forward to Spring! Long walks with my bestest friends, especially this one who is turning 11 this month.  Do you think I can get Willard Scott to wish him a Happy Birthday?