Saturday, March 3, 2012

15 Months into the Wait

Just got our new numbers this last week.  After 15 months on the waitlist we are # 22 for a boy and # 30 for a girl (although I have it on good authority that our numbers are actually one lower on each list).

At least there is movement - not just on the list but with the families that are traveling to Ethiopia for court or to bring home their children.  And that is encouraging.

Meanwhile, I am in some sort of hyper nesting mode and I have been spending my weekends ridding our drawers, cabinets and closets of clutter.  I think the hubby is afraid to come home and find that I have "organized" the contents of his past into one 9 x 13 box (good bye old comic books and yearbooks and cleats from 1975).  I did get him to clean out our garage, something that I asked him to do oh back in 2008.  All it took was the purchase of a new car :)  

We are also going to start our home renovation project in about 2-3 weeks when the weather is a bit warmer.  I am so looking forward to Spring! Long walks with my bestest friends, especially this one who is turning 11 this month.  Do you think I can get Willard Scott to wish him a Happy Birthday? 



  1. You never know. Willard just might do it. Can't hurt to try! Besides, your puppy deserves it.

  2. Do all the nesting now while you can! We didn't get nearly enough done! And happy birthday to the pup - ours is 10 and long walks are our favorite. xx

  3. I love the picture--you should Pinterest it, it would surely be a hit. Please post pictures of you projects on your home and I'll live vicariously through you (we live in a condo, so are pretty limited on renovations). BTW, our dog both pooped and peed in Petco yesterday, which I thought would give you a smile. :-)