Friday, December 14, 2012

What a Year!

Has it really been almost 8 months since I last blogged?  I feel like a dog shaming is in order and yes I am here at my computer with my head hanging low and a sign that says "I have not blogged in 8 months."

Well, it's been quite a year.  April/May were consumed with adventures in home remodeling.

Our 3rd Car Garage addition.

The end of May we vacationed in Peru.

And all the while our Ethiopian adoption went nowhere.  We were 18 on the boy list in April and 18 again in May.  2013 was shaping up to be another year of squelched dreams and agonizing waiting. 


July 18th.  We got a call.  About a little boy.  Born the day before.  In Arizona.  Our Son. 

Wait, what Arizona????? Yes. We didn't have much confidence in being able to complete an adoption from Ethiopia so we decided to apply for a domestic program.

And it happened.  He was born.  We were called.  Our son. 

A beautiful perfect baby.  Almost 5 months old now.  A little boy.  Happy.  Loved.  A blessing. 

It feels wrong to not show you his entire lovely face.  We haven't finalized yet and I am just being cautious.  But that smile.  I had to share that. 

He is radiant and full of joy. 

And I love him.  My son. 


  1. I love seeing a post here... and THIS one in particular! Congratulations! I had heard your good news from a mutual friend (Shannon), and I'm just over-the-moon thrilled for you. Best wishes for a happy holiday season with your sweet boy.

  2. I LOVE THIS!!!! I'm so glad you posted again, I wasn't sure if you were done with the blogging thang. I LOVE his smile--he is one happy little guy! And, yes, what a year. Hope you have wonderful holiday, and with a little guy as cute as that, how could you not? :-)

  3. I'm so slacking on reading blogs. Although I know your story so well (heck it's basically my story too!), this brought tears to my eyes. Still so happy for you guys and live seeing that huge smile!

  4. Wow! Congrats!!! I hate to say it but it sounds like it worked out perfectly because you didn't hear about the baby until after he was born. It just seems at that point the mother would know definitely if she was going to give him up. Congrats, and I hope you have a wonderful 2013 :-)