Thursday, June 23, 2011

June Numbers

I was just so busy returning home and unpacking and catching up on work, I forgot to post our June numbers.

We are

for a girl and

for a boy.

Friday, June 17, 2011

No Worries

Yep.  That was a phrase that I heard over and over again in Australia.  So much so that I decided to live by it during our vacation.  We had a wonderful trip.  The girls loved Australia as did Marc and I.  Lots to see - I'll do a trip report for those of you (one of you) that are interested.  
The other great part of the  trip was me just letting go.  Not worrying about wait lists or numbers or referrals or when and what ifs.  Just totally letting go and enjoying the trip.  And while the subject came up in passing (wouldn't it be nice to come back someday with the little one) it wasn't obsessed over.  I should clarify that I am the one with the unhealthy obsession.  And my time away just confirmed to me that I need to step back.  I need to stop stalking blogs and my agency's list serv, stop trying to calculate average wait times, time to court and embassy and what agencies are referring while my agency is soooo slow lately and more whys and whats and whens.  It felt, and feels good (being back a week) to just chill out a bit.  Me worrying does nothing to make this wait any easier or faster.  I just have to trust that it will happen and in the time it is meant to happen.   
No worries. 
 And June 19th won't be moping about our anniversary date of being accepted into the Ethiopia program.  No June 19th will be a Father's Day celebration.  Marc and I, like some couples with no children and spoiled pets, celebrate this day (along with Mother's Day) because after all, if you knew our "kids" you would appreciate just what great dog parents we are and how much we love these fur babies who make our lives so interesting and fulfilling.
I need to live in this moment and appreciate what I have now.  We've got it pretty good right now.  Marc and I.  And the kids.  And the girls.  We need to just enjoy it.  No worries.