Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Our Homestudy Visit and the Drama Queens

We had our home study visit.  Everything went well.  The house was clean, we were more relaxed this time around, and we had a nice conversation with our social worker.  That is until we heard the indignant barking coming from the back door.  Followed by a loud moaning that sounded like a dying whale. 

Someone was not happy! 

To be fair, the short one in the front was the barker.  The mopey one in the back was the foghorn.  And Wilson the lab - well he just wondered why he was locked out with those two deviants.  (And by the way, they were locked out because we didn't want them to take turns sitting on our social worker's lap.) 

Good thing the social worker didn't interview them.  I can just imagine the list of complaints......locks us outside for half an hour! Not enough treats! Will not let us eat off her plate! Will not take us for walks in snow or rain storms! Leaves us alone almost everyday to go somewhere and she is gone for hours!!! Not enough belly rubs!!  The mistreatment!! The horror!!!!!!

I would like to file a complaint with the owner of this establishment.

I wish there was a Pet Swap.  You know, like Wife Swap, but with pets.  Where we switch families so we can experience a completely different life style and appreciate what we have.  I would even make it easy and switch with my next door neighbor.    She owns a chocolate lab named Penny.  She feeds her Ol Roy (apologies if that is what you feed your dog!)  She leaves her outside for days with no access to the garage or inside of the house.  Penny doesn't get much attention.  I am certain her treat pantry and toy box are not as full as ours.  And if I were a betting woman, I would say Penny does not get to sleep on the bed, a couch, or on her mom (all 3 of these spots are taken in our house on a nightly basis!).  Maybe spending a week next door would teach my kids appreciation.  Then again -it might also result in the unintentional addition of a second chocolate lab because I am certain Penny will not be running back to her owner once she sees how life is on the other side of the fence! 


  1. What is *with* dogs and home visits? Ours was awful. Your dogs are so, so cute, though. Love the one in the back, laying down and just resigned to being left out. And the "foghorn"--hilarious. Too cute. Glad the visit went well--another thing (big thing!) to check off the list. :-)

  2. Theresa, our dog brought our social worker his favorite ball during one of her early visits. He wasn't happy she wasn't there to play with him.

  3. This it TOO cute!!! I think I may have told Molly this already, but during our home study, our dog Chica went into every single room and tore apart the contents of our trash cans so that when it came time for the tour of the house, our social worker walked into rooms full of trash strewn all over the floors. I think she was trying to tell us she wants to be the only baby in the house :)

  4. Chloe curled right up against our social worker last week. The social worker fell in love with her (she has seen Chloe before but she was never this affectionate with the social worker). Then Chloe had her fill and retired to her upstairs bedroom. Yeah, I may have mentioned that before, but she basically has her own bedroom. :-)
    And I cannot figure out for the life of me why people have dogs if they are just going to keep them outside!!!!! GRRRR!!! So wrong!